Expanding Our Paradigm of Empowered Birth
Who is Birth Power founder, Barbara Rivera?
I am a busy self employed, unschooling mother of 3
children. I am an artist, a writer, a
children’s book author
and speaker. My excitement lies in using the power of
social media, art, jewelry, and collective networks to raise
awareness about the power of making informed choices
during pregnancy, birth and beyond.  I love using my
platform and social reach to share the work of those who
are doing this important work.

You may also
see me online. I am the Social Media
Manager for
APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and
Perinatal Psychology and Health)
, and a past United
Nations, New York Representative for OMAEP (World
Organization of Prenatal Education Associations).

My husband Milton is a healer, a nurturer and a lover of his
family’s well being. Grounded and funny, he is a true

Lastly, we have a dog and 5 cat ambassadors from the
animal kingdom living with us. Although this number is
sadly low, we hope to attract more when my husband
finally breaks down.

I invite you to connect with me with you thoughts and
ideas for BirthPower, lets collaborate!  
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