Expanding Our Paradigm of Empowered Birth
If you believe in a woman's right to
make informed choices during
pregnancy, birth and beyond, then
this movement belongs to YOU!

Individuals and organizations are
creating  opportunities to raise
awareness about empowered birth
choices and the importance of
protecting mothers and babies
during the primal period; the
period  which shapes all human
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Awareness Campaign here:
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We have fund raising opportunities for individuals
or your organization!  
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Let's Paint the World in BirthPower Colors!
Together we all create opportunities to share
what we know about empowered birth choices!
An Awareness Campaign led by US!
By wearing, sharing and gifting items with this symbol, we create
"conversation starters," so we can share what we know about
empowered birth and beyond.

By purchasing a product with the Flower of Life symbol, you support
this campaign and those who are making a difference for mothers and
Celebrate Birth Power Week Yearly!
Find out more about Birth Power Week HERE