Expanding Our Paradigm of Empowered Birth
BirthPower Week is a yearly event in which individuals and organizations join together to inform,
educate and excite the public about the importance of this important time where humanity is

We invite everyone to join us in flooding the public with conversations, definitions, ideas, images,
stories and more about empowered birth choices,  both on the Internet and on the ground.

Birth Power Week welcomes and unites all of those who are making a difference throughout the year
for mothers and babies. "Power the Wave of Change," with us!  
This year: May 7-14, 2017
Join us for Birth Power Week, every year!

We are successful when individuals become curious and start asking,
“Could birth be something more?
TOGETHER we have the marketing ability of a large corporation.
TOGETHER we will expand the truth about empowered birth!