Expanding Our Paradigm of Empowered Birth
We come together for a unified purpose.  What unites us is
our desire to improve pregnancy and childbirth, and to
support and protect the mother-baby and father-baby bond.
This includes the whole primal period; preconception,
conception, pregnancy, birth, and early infancy.

Since the problems surrounding pregnancy and birth are
deeply rooted in each region, culture and economics, the
answers to improving the care that mother and babies needs
all of our creativity, ideas and actions and to be realized
within our own communities.

The solution to this problem needs "warriors" from the
spectrum of our society. Together we will use the power of
our united social reach to raise public awareness, start
conversations and inquiry into these important issues.
Become a Rainbow Warrior in BirthPower, Tribe!
The tide is already changing the culture of birth. Both woman
and men are being called to heal the imbalance.

If you are inspired by the
vision of BirthPower,
we invite you to join with us and become the "wave of change."
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improve birth for women and to improve every human
being's beginning.

There are two ways you can become a warrior of change
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